Prof. Michael Litman, PhDProf. Michael Litman, PhD

Professor of Computer Science

Office: S112B
Phone: (262) 243-4359
Email: michael . litman @ cuw . edu

At CUW since: 2006

Educational Background
Ph.D. Computer Science, Nova Southeastern University
M.S. Computer Science, Western Illinois University
B.S. Computer Science, Western Illinois University

Industry Background
Associate Faculty, Western Illinois University
Awesomefat Computer Science Consulting
Out of the Box Apps

Personal Information
Software development is like a sport. It takes thousands of reps to become competent. Computer programming is NOT computer science. Rather it is a tool that a computer scientist leverages to solve problems. As a professor, I encourage my students to view programming in this light. Having a well rounded computer science education is vital to the modern software developer. I view the various “college alternatives” like Thinkful, Udemy, Udacity, Team Treehouse, etc… as great tools that can introduce a student to computer programming and even get them started in the industry, but without a solid computer science foundation advancing in the profession can be tough. I am passionate about computer science education and have been teaching at the college level since 2000, and plan to never retire. My research area is Programming Language Theory, but I am greatly interested in all things programming as I like telling computers what to do against their fictitious will!

Outside of computer science I am an avid golfer with a few Golf Channel Amateur Tour wins, a mediocre fisherman, a husband, and a professional weird guy. I grew up in central Illinois near Champaign, I was born Jewish, but have been a Christian since 1996. I prefer the term Messianic Jew because it just sound cool! I have been a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod since 2007, and I pray that God continues to bless me with students and colleagues that continue to appreciating my strange brand of reality.