MSCS Program / Requirements

The MSCS programs requires a successful completion of 36 credits with a GPA of 3.00. There are also some registrations and attendance requirements, as outlined below. 

Course requirements: 

The MSCS program follows the traditional CUW semester system and classes are held during the Fall and Spring semester. A student may begin the program in either the Fall or Spring semester. A student taking 2 courses per semester (12 credits) can complete the MSCS program in 18 months graduation requirements. The MSCS degree program requires the successful completion of at least 36 credit hours of Computer Science graduate courses.

The following 6 courses are required:

  • CSC 508 Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science
  • CSC 518 Software Design and Development
  • CSC 528 Human Aspects of Computing Systems
  • CSC 538 Data Management and Security
  • CSC 548 Computing Infrastructure
  • CSC 568 Research in Computer Science

Initial course requirements: 

If required, CSC 502 must be completed before any other course in the program. Otherwise a student may choose to begin with any course in the curriculum other than CSC 568.

Attendance requirements: 

Attendance at all on-campus class sessions is expected and necessary to be successful in the course. Because emergencies do arise, students may be excused from a maximum of two on-campus class session during a course. To be considered present for a class session, the student must be present the entire time.

Good standing requirements:

A student who has earned a B or better in each class is making successful progress in the program and is in Good standing. A student who earns a B- in any course will still be considered to be in Good Standing as long as their cumulative GPA is 3.0 or above. A student who earns less than a B- in a course is in Course Deficient standing. The course needs to be repeated and a satisfactory grade earned within the next semester in order to return to Good standing. Students with a cumulative GPA below 3.0 are in Probationary standing. The cumulative GPA must be raised to at least 3.0 within the next 9 credits attempted or the student will be subject to dismissal. Assignments must be submitted online by the due date. Late assignments are not accepted.

Course registration requirements:

Students must register for an on-campus course before the date of the first class meeting. A class may not be added once the course has begun.