Welcome to MSIT Program at CUW

Master of Science in Information Technology

The Technology Program with a Soul ℠

Combining sound Computer Science concepts with real-world skills, our MSIT program will help you develop your mind and spirit for the challenges of Information Technology vocations.

The MSIT degree is a 39 credit program. Depending upon student background and preparation, CSC 501/801 may be waived resulting in a 36 credit program. While these are the minimum credit requirements, we encourage students to complete more than the minimum to enhance their graduate experience.

Our program is designed to meet the needs not only of current IT professionals and new graduates interested in IT, but also those who enjoy using technology to help other people solve problems. It will provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills to understand computer systems and their relationship to business problems.

For program-specific information and academic questions, online students should contact Prof. Michael Patch . On campus students should contact Prof. Jacob Hoppe . Dr. Gary Locklair can also be contacted with academic questions. For information on admission and financial aid, visit Concordia’s Graduate Department page.

Students in this program will develop the skills necessary to serve others within their Information Technology vocations through such classes as: Vocation and Ethical Computing, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction, Database and Information Management, and Web Systems and Technologies.