Model 34

Manufacturer:Digital Equipment Corporation
Year Introduced:1976
Cost (new):$10,000 (minimum system)
Speed:15 Mhz
RAM:256 KB
Storage Media:Two RA80 Hard Disks (121 MB each)
RX01 8˝” 256 KB Floppy Disk Drive
Operating System:RSTS, RSX, or RT
System Bus:16-bit

The PDP-11/34 was the best selling model in Digital Equipment Corporation’s PDP line of minicomputers. The PDP line was not referred to as "computers" by Digital. This was because the word computer was associated with large, expensive machines which needed a computer center and large staff.

The PDP-11 processor was not a single chip. Instead, it was comprised of two seperate circuit boards which performed the processor operations.

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