CS Update Summer 2017

laptop-typingAre you ready for the fall semester? If you haven’t yet registered for all the courses you need for the 2017-2018 academic year, see your adviser as soon as possible.

Interested in Game Programming? So are we. The department will begin offering a minor in Game Programming and we have two new dedicated courses in the works. If you are interested in a Game Programming course, contact Dr. Mike Litman. There’s even a possibility we could offer a course in the Fall, and if that interests you, contact Dr. Litman immediately.

Be sure to check the online schedule of classes for the latest changes. For example, Antoinette Spencer has moved to the School of Business and will not be teaching CSC courses. Because of this change, instructors and times for some courses have been updated.

animation-kickingInterested in Computer Animation? So are we. Did you know we offer a minor in animation? A good place to begin is with CSC 210 – The Art and Science of Computer Animation which is offered this Fall. If you are interested in animation, speak with Dr. Robert Wahl.

CS faculty have been spending time this summer researching virtual reality, robots, AI, neural networks, 3D printing, animation, analytics, augmented reality, informatics, security and other topics. You will be seeing these cutting-edge topics integrated into CSC courses.




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