32 Students Attend 3rd CS Hackathon

hackathon8Under the direction of Prof. Josh Locklair and Dr. Mike Litman (with assistance from Drs. Robert Wahl and Gary Locklair), 32 Computer Science students participated in a twelve-hour Virtual Reality Hackathon on Saturday, 11 November 2017. This immersive learning event required students to quickly design and create (or “hack”) a real product following a given set of requirements. The department provided HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR equipment for the event, but it was up to the teams to create meaningful solutions to real world problems. Their products ranged from a skydiving simulator to a jungle survival challenge, from a virtual tour of CUW to a zombie chase game, and from an adventure quest to a remake of a classic PC game. Six teams of approximately five students each developed and implemented apps which:

• Supported the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
• Had a form of locomotion (teleportation, driving, etc.)
• Had at least one example of object interaction
• Had a stated goal/purpose for a real world problem (virtual tour of real location, a game, an interesting VR experience, etc.)
• Were ready to demo at the end of the event

hackathon1The winning team – led by Joshua Appel and aided by team members Zhan Zonglin, Travis Hindman, Manik Praneeth, and Jonah Krecklow – created a “Computer Science Department Adventure Quest” in which students virtually traverse the realm of the department in Stuenkel hall looking for clues and solving problems. The second place team – led by Tim Wildauer and assisted by team members Alex Hinkle, Grace Koester, Michael Thalheim, and Ibrahim Muath – created a “Minesweeper” VR experience in which players walk across a game board looking for (and hopefully not detonating!) hidden mines.

The department has been sponsoring hackathons since 2016 and is proud that its third attempt was a successful and enriching student experience. Visit our Facebook page for more photos from the event.

Congratulations to all students who participated in the Hackathon:
Joshua Appel, Zhan Zonglin, Travis Hindman, Manik Praneeth, and Jonah Krecklow;
Tim Wildauer, Alex Hinkle, Grace Koester, Michael Thalheim, and Ibrahim Muath;
Timothy Schraml, Peter Kloda, Charlie Tran, Angela Laing, and Corey Newhouse;
Josh Curcio, Eddie Odiong, Zheng Huang, Garrett Stevens, Gabriel Aiello, and Edwin Luther;
Van Nguyen, Xinze Li, Alexis Rolenc, Nicholas Karsten, and Joseph Musa;
Brennan Linse, Shikha Patel, Alex Dover, Firdouse Romana, and Madie Martens.

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