Why Computer Science or Information Technology?


Computer Science and Information Technology fields consistently rank among the most “in demand” degrees for job applicants. Every business needs computer systems and technology. A Computer Science/Information Technology degree opens the door to a world of employment options.



Computer Science and Information Technology are about solving real-world problems. You’ll learn to create systems that allow people to solve problems productively and efficiently.



Whether working as a programmer, systems analyst, project manager, database administrator, or video game developer, Computer Science and Information Technology graduates are equipped for challenging and fulfilling careers.

Why Concordia University Wisconsin?

Christian Worldview

CUW is committed to preparing students for service to Christ in the church and in the world. We’ll show you how a Lutheran Christian worldview informs all of life, especially the field of technology.

Experienced, Engaged Faculty

All professors have experience in both industry and the classroom. They leverage their real-world experience to help students understand both theory and practical applications. Since CUW is a teaching university, their primary goal is student success.

Small Class Sizes

At CUW, you are more than just a number on a class list. The small average class size means more personal interaction and individual learning opportunities. Your classes will be led by a professor, not a teaching assistant.


Excellent Facilities

Possessing the some of the finest computer laboratories for a school of its size, CUW is able to offer students exposure to a wide variety of computing hardware and software.


You’ll learn the concepts underlying current computing technology, so you’ll be ready when the next “big thing” comes along.

What Now?

Visit our Computer Science Major and Information Technology Major pages for details on our curriculum.